Get back to what you LOVE in your business!

Are you STUCK in your business?

  • Are you spending all your time “in the weeds?”  Do you find yourself having to be directly involved in everything?

  • Where could you take your business if you could get back to what you love?

  • Do you never have time to look ahead, because you’re stuck in the GRIND?

  • Do you sometimes dread to go to work in the morning — is it just no longer fun?

  • Are you missing out on important events in your life, like kids’ soccer games, golf with buds, etc., because you’re working all hours of the day?

Are you STUCK?

CHAZM Consulting can get you UNSTUCK!

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Fractional COO can maximize the value of the CEO's time

How much is your time worth?

Not only have I been a startup CEO, I have worked with and know many small-to-mid-sized company CEO’s.  Almost without exception, I would say that they all feel a huge disconnect between where they should spend their time, and where they do spend their time.  Not only are CEO’s and Founders spending their time in the wrong places, but they are spending too much of their waking hours working on the wrong priorities — just to “keep the lights on”.  It is a vicious cycle!

Where could you better spend your valuable time?

  • If you could free yourself from those tasks that either you’re not good at, or you hate doing?
  • If you had the time, what would you do to increase revenues? Decrease costs?
  • What if you found the time to focus on those efficiency projects that you keep putting off that you KNOW would increase profits?
  • What if you had time to be strategic for once, instead of being buried in the day-to-day?

What if you could “partner” with someone with years of experience managing the balance between Strategic and Tactical?  How would this increase the value and profitability of your business?

How much time are CEO’s spending?

Hours per weekday


Weekends worked


Vacation worked

Where are CEO’s spending time (and where should they be)?


SHOULD spend on Strategy


SHOULD spend on "Future"


ACTUALLY spend on Strategy / Future


ACTUALLY spend with Customers

Bringing on a fractional COO brings you a wealth of operational experience, to take on those tasks and projects that are not your passion or within your strengths.  CHAZM Consulting is a trusted resource to free your skills and energy up for more important work for you — making you both more effective and more satisfied.  All this while not only maintaining progress on all business priorities, but increasing efficiency.

Improve the Value of your Time!

If you freed yourself up, would you increase Revenue?  Efficiency?  Increase profits?  Focus on the long-game?  Plan for your successful Exit?

Bring on a fractional COO and Find your Game!

See the light by bringing on a fractional executive