A Cherished Gift

I had the opportunity to spend the day and night with my good friend Jeff, and his wife Michelle, this last week. It was part of a great week of reconnecting with Jeff and another high school friend, Todd. The best friends are often those that we’ve had the longest!

While I was at Jeff and Michelle’s house, Michelle called me over to show me something special. She was excited to show off the afghan that my mom had knitted for them for a wedding present, some 40 years ago! She revealed how much that gift had meant to her, both when it was gifted, as well as over the many years since.  It was obviously something very special to her. How many wedding presents last even a year or two, yet alone, 40 years and counting? And one that has transitioned with the family over the many moves, and growth of a loving family.

Michelle offered to return the blanket to me, as a memorial of Mom. But, of course, I refused.  My mother worked very hard on that present, and gave it to Michelle and Jeff, because she valued and believed in their love. That loving gift of faith IN LOVE is so powerful, and so special. Some people may have been prone to judge these youngsters, who got married so early — right out of high school, as not ready, or not committed to marriage. But, my mom chose to believe!  She loved Jeff and Michelle, because I loved them. She believed in them, because she knew the kinda people that they were — and are!

It is so often the seemingly smallest gestures, that carry the most import. My mother was not in the position to shower the young couple with expensive presents. However, she gave them the fruits of her labor. Most importantly, she presented them with a gift that represented her faith, in marriage, in love, and in Jeff and Michelle. This is the Mom I have known and loved for so many years!  She lived and breathed faith, love, and charity!

As much as I love my Mom, I could not fathom taking this precious gift back. I would much rather know that this gift, that has meant so much to Michelle, would continue demonstrating faith in love, for Jeff and Michelle’s kids and grandkids.