CHAZM Values

Our business objectives, decisions and behaviors are guided by a great book!  The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, by Don Miguel Ruiz presents a framework the personal behavior, but these principals guide all we do in our business relationships as well.

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Be Impeccable with your Word

Honesty. Integrity.  CHAZM is endeavors to always give our clients the real story.  We certainly do all we can to avoid mistakes, but when we make them, we own them, and work hard, not only to correct and learn, but to make sure our clients are informed of any impacts.  

Of course, CHAZM is in business to make money.  But, we will bring value to you, our customers, that is commensurate to your costs.  We are in this for the long term, and fully understand that you will not come back, if you feel like you overpaid for our services, or that you did not get what we promised.  We aim to always overdeliver!

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Don’t Take things Personally

We bring passion to our work!  This is not just a job to us — we want to feel like we are doing good work, and doing good!  That being said, we realize there will occasionally be differences of opinion, and potentially, even raised voices.  CHAZM strives to always be “professional”, and keep in mind that our clients, and our staff, all have the best intentions in mind.  We will work through any conflict, to turn this into constructive growth and success!

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Don’t Make Assumptions

We are passionate about communication!  If we have questions about what you need, we will ask.  There is value in formality, such as Statements of Work, but throughout the course of the project, we will use tools like Slack, to maintain open channels of communication.  We realize that it does no one any good if we build something you don’t need!

And, you our client, will always know our status!  Transparency drives accountability!  We want you to always feel confident in our progress towards your critical business needs.

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Always Do your Best

Hard work comes easy for CHAZM!  We have had success by being committed and always putting in our best efforts!  We focus on working hard for our clients — as well as working smart!  We honestly feel great if we wear you out, just watching us work!

Dean F Miller, Ph.D., President

Dean is a proven leader, with years of experience, across all disciplines within a wide variety of Technology / IT companies.  He has led small teams and large teams, in companies from start up, to multinational.  He has performed roles from test automation to CEO.  He knows firsthand that Leadership, People, and Process are all vital, yet none can function if out of balance with the others.

“Dean is self motivated and versatile, able to manage multiple projects in tandem. He’s ethical and trustworthy, and able to think strategically while executing. He pushes tasks through to completion and is able to pivot when necessary. He can be effective at any role he puts his mind to, which is critical in startup. I recommend him without reservation.”

Diana Hall, President/CEO at ActivArmor

“I have come to know Dean Miller as my global PMO Director stationed at the Vestas Louisville Office, – where Dean in addition functioned as the Vestas site PMO representative. Dean is a very skilled Project Manager, and he truly has been instrumental for us getting in control of our project portfolio.”

Kim Bredo Rahbek, Sr Project Manager at SIEMENS GAMESA

“I was privileged to work alongside Dean at Knowledge Factor (Amplifire). Dean is an excellent Technical Leader that brought new ideas and an open mind. Dean was always willing to expand his role and reach out to other groups helping them through tough decisions by providing leadership and solutions to challenging problems. Dean is detail oriented, flexible, and a great balance between technology and business leaders that proved successful in building partnerships across the organization. Dean is the type of individual where you give him an opportunity and he turns that opportunity into a success. It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future.”

Bryan Merchant, VP, Software Engineering & Operations at Amplifire

“Dean stands out in my mind as the best supervisor I’ve reported to at any company. He balances a solid technical understanding with a sense humor and a keen ability to gain insight into the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the people on his team. His meticulous attention to detail and strong advocacy for quality are fitting traits for the Quality Engineering domain. He is very good at ensuring that production environments are kept up, with no severe blocks to the core functionality that end users rely upon. I recommend him highly.”

Kevin Emery, Lead QA Systems Engineer

“Deans work is outstanding. Very professional, straight shooter!”

Mark Richtermeyer, VP of Professional Services at NexusTek