Growing your Company with Purpose!

Scale your business, without losing who you are!

We partner with Small and Medium sized companies, to bridge the “chasms” that confront leaders and doers.  Grow without losing what makes you successful in the first place!

We all have likely experienced, directly or indirectly, a company in “catastrophic growth”.  The company is growing “too fast”, spending money hand-over-fist, and ends up burning out, and crashing hard.  In the desire to grow, they lost whatever made them successful to start with — their “secret sauce.”  Every company destined for success inevitably reaches a point where it must scale or change phases, in order to reach its goals.  But without proper leadership and sustained vision, the train can easily come off the tracks along the way.

In one of our favorite quote, Geoffrey Moore talks about company unity as necessary to “crossing the chasm”.  He is mostly talking about marketing strategies, but these chasms confront companies in technology, culture, finances, etc.  It takes a challenging mix of culture, right people, thoughtful and minimal processes, and leadership, to bridge these transitions.

One of the most important lessons about crossing the chasm is that the task ultimately requires achieving an unusual degree of company unity during the crossing period.

Geoffrey A. Moore


CHAZM is your CxO partner, providing both broad strategic and executive leadership experience, with the ability to guide you “deep” into the processes and procedures you need to achieve your goals.  We can help you look down the road, to develop long-term plans, while also “getting dirty” when it is necessary, to move the ball forward.

We believe in Living our Values, both in Work and Life!  CHAZM can partner with your company to solve your unique challenges, synchronous with your Core Values.