Get BIG improvement in your company’s SEO score with two things!

When I first started contemplating how to address the position my company was achieving in search results (#seo), it seemed daunting. How do you go about affecting Google’s (or Bing, etc.) algorithms? Scary? Well, not really, it turns out. Sure, there are a lot of tricky bits, like fishing for backlinks (not addressed in this article.) But, I have found consistently that big improvements can be achieved by focusing on just two areas:

  1. Define your strategic keywords! There are a lot of great tools to help you find data on potential keywords, like Google’s keyword planner. But, ultimately, it comes down to digesting your company’s or product’s value prop into a few (3-4 at most, to start) strategic words or phrases. These are your “Strategic Keywords”. These can be single words, but generally are phrases of 2 to 3 words.
  2. Content creation: Now, comes the hard part. Produce good quality, regular content on your web site. And, be sure to include your Strategic Keywords at least 3 times on each content page. Add new content to your site on a regular basis. Good quality content does not necessarily mean professionally done. Rather, it means that your potential clients (those reading your content online) will stay engaged, and stay on that page, for at least 30 seconds. It is better to focus on readability and engagement (from the perspective of your customers) than to fret about having perfect, professionally produced (and expensive) content!

If you take just these two steps, you WILL improve your SEO! I have seen it repeatedly. Just a couple case studies picked from my own experiences:

  • Medical device startup: Within 2 months of launching a revised web page, and using a defined SEO strategy based upon the two steps above, our Strategic Keywords went from non-existent to first non-paid listings! And, we were getting 3000-5000 impressions per month, with a couple hundred click-throughs.
  • SaaS startup: Within 6 weeks of implementing an SEO strategy, our weekly impressions went from around 20 to over 1000! And, the average search position for our Strategic Keywords went from around 100 (so really not present), to in the low teens.

Of course, there are more tools at your disposal to affect your SEO search position, impressions, and of course, click-throughs. (Ultimately, it is the clicks that get people looking at your site.) But, my experience is that you can get started down that path, with a relatively straightforward (and inexpensive) plan.

I’d love to talk to you, if you have need of such an #seo effort. Please reach out!